Saturday, 14 April 2018

Let's kill more Syrians at our outrage of Syrian's killing other Syrians

That'll teach the bloody murderous regimes of Bashar al-Assad and its ally Putin. I'm guessing they're reflecting on their sinful pasts as the west rains more bombs on Syrian civilians. 

May has stated that her thoughts are for the safety of the British forces carrying out these attacks. 

Without in any way denigrating or criticising the British armed forces I'd take a stab in the dark and say that their safety isn't really in question, is it? Surely it's the safety of the innocent Syrian civilians at the receiving end of our bombers that we should consider? 

Just a thought...

Friday, 30 March 2018

Can we see the proof of widespread anti-Semitism that is pervasive through the Labour Party?

I don't for a minute doubt that anti-Semitism exists in the Labour Party, and shame on any organisation where it is condoned . However, as a cross-section of society I don't think the Labour Party is inherently anti-Semite. Sadly, as in most walks of life in the UK anti-Semitism can be found in the Labour Party.

What I disagree with is the accusation that AS is rife throughout the party as is being implied by the anti-Corbyn media and those elements within the LP itself who have tried their damnedest to undermine Corbyn since he became leader.

For the sake of balance, could someone put up links of this rife anti-Semitic behaviour in the Labour Party. As a CLP member and an active trade unionist I spend a lot of my life around LP members, yet I don't get a sense of this undercurrent of anti-Semitism that I'm told is almost the norm.

There is a lot of criticism of the State of Israel, particularly its excesses in Gaza. And on this count I'm also vehemently opposed to the actions of the Israeli government and its attack dogs the IDF. I'm guessing that my criticism of the way the State of Israel comports itself with its treatment of Gazan and West Bank Palestinians would in certain quarters be construed as anti-Semitic.

It saddens me when people, including Jews, use the anti-Semitic card against those who criticise and condemn the murderous actions of the Israeli government and IDF. We should all be able to condemn tyrants and hold them to account for their actions. I will continue to condemn and be critical of any State or arm of any state that is guilty of the deaths of countless thousands that is guilty of the oppression and suppression of another people.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Wheelchair users in Lambeth are treated with contempt.

In my attempt to expand my social life in Brixton I popped into a pub just off one of the main roads. From the exterior I could see this was a fairly large pub; and on entering my assessment of the pubs spaciousness was borne out.
This was a large old Victorian boozer that had dispensed with the segregated bars to leave a big open plan space. On returning the friendly barman's greeting I asked where the adapted toilet was, to be told there wasn't one.
The pub looked as though it had been refurbished in recent times, I'd say within the past five years. Refurbished within a time span that included both the DDA and the Equality Act, within a period that covered the inclusion of services complying with the law.
For years I've taken the "Oh sorry, we're not wheelchair accessible" excuse on the chin. Today's experience is the one that nobbled the camel, and I intend going to law against this company.
Now all I have to do is to is find out exactly how I go about bringing a discrimination case against this goods and service provider. All assistance gratefully heeded.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

May's Falklands Moment?

Last night, after the midnight ultimatum given to Russia by Theresa May had passed, I jokingly posted the following, a paraphrasing of Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of war with Germany in September 1939:

"NEWS BREAKNumber Ten has produced the following message from Prime Minister, Theresa May:

"Yesterday I gave Vladimir Putin until midnight today to explain the use of a Russian-made nerve agent in the Salisbury attack or face retaliation for "a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil".

I have to tell you now that no such explanation has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with Russia.""

In a different post another Facebook user suggested that this could be a party-political move by Theresa May in that it would be difficult to dislodge a wartime prime minister. Back in 1982 Thatcher’s standing in the polls was very poor. By April the country was at war with Argentina over the Falklands. By June, with the Falkland’s won back, Thatcher had called and won a general election.

Today's an opportunity for May’s government to impose a host of vicious policies on an unsuspecting public. It's a form of the three-card-trick - in that it's all about distraction.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Conservatives are the Nasty Party

As a disabled person I've been reluctant over the years to cry the mantra of ‘Nazis’ against Conservative governments. Yes, this government, and its Coalition predecessor, have introduced a draconian punitive benefits’ system, particularly the Work Capability Assessment for ESA and the PIP assessment; and such policies are detrimental to disabled people as well as others.

However, in my mind the Nazi comparison shows a degree of political naïveté and to some extent laziness on the part of some of my Comrades in the disability movement.

Comrades, let’s get it correct. The Conservatives are not Nazis. No, they are the Nasty Party. They are free market neoliberalists. As we know this economic model pushes deregulation of industry, commerce and financial services as far as it can; and some would argue beyond.

The model also demands the elimination of ‘big government’, in that they seek to remove the running of public services from central and even local government. Cuts in public expenditure and the take-over of public services, in a deregulated state, by the private sector is the classic way neoliberalism works.

Increasingly the services that administer our benefits system are being privatised. Our job centres are being closed as more and more of their services are tendered out to the private sector. Medical assessments for ESA and PIP are being carried out by companies whose only obligation is the creaming off of profits at the expense of fair and transparent ‘medical’ assessments.

As many inside and outside of the disability movement are aware the current benefits assessments have, and are, responsible for thousands of premature deaths. These deaths are through suicide where people are so ground down by a system that totally disregards human feelings. Some premature deaths are through the neglect that often attends the cutting and removal of benefits and services.

The Bedroom Tax and now Universal Credit are ratcheting-up poverty; and with poverty we get the associated evils of debt, hunger and homelessness.

When we add to this forced self-employment, ‘zero hour’ contracts, under-employment, below inflation pay rises and no pay rises, we begin to see exactly how neoliberalism works to impoverish and kill people.

Finally, before we cry ‘Nazi’ at the next vicious and draconian policy brought in by this Conservative government, think on. Every time we stand and call Tories Nazis we distance ourselves from our natural allies.

Instead let’s explain to people the corrosive and destructive nature of neoliberalism. Let’s not let this government, and its vicious attacks on our benefits and services, off by palming them off as Nazis. By doing this we merely sow confusion. By confusing Nazism with neoliberalism, we allow the march of neoliberalism to proceed unchecked.